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EKSIR has been a leading supplier of specialty chemicals in Turkmenistan for more over than 10 years. We supply chemical additives for the manufacturing of paints and varnishes, dry building mixtures, PVC products, production, processing and coloring of plastics, fillers and primers, decorative concrete products.

In today's competitive environment, for any manufacturer it is very important to ensure a reputation of the quality of their products for the customers and timely streamlined supply of raw materials. By supplying functional supplements from world leaders with a trusted reputation and comprehensive technical support, we give our customers the confidence that their products will be competitive among their rivals.

Every day we strive to become better, blessing our clients the confidence in achieving their goals.

We supply specialty chemical additives from the huge well-known companies such as DOW, BASF, EVONIK, EASTMAN, DuPont, ARKEMA, ASHLAND, Clariant, WACKER, LANXESS and many other major famous chemical manufacturers in the world.